Archbishop Agyinasare clears air on Nogokpo comments

Archbishop Agyinasare clears air on Nogokpo comments

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the Founder and General Overseer of Perez Chapel International, has clarified that he did not mean to disparage any groups of people or their communities.

He made this clarification after a video of him describing Nogokpo, a town in the Ketu South Municipal, as the home of demons in the Volta Region, sparked outrage on social media.

On Sunday, May 28, during Church Service, he responded to his critics by saying, “I have received calls from people very close to me and my attention has been drawn to social media commentary on some portions of comments I made this past Thursday during the Supernatural Empowerment Summit at the Perez Dome.”

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He explained that he was teaching congregants about how Christians can activate divine protection from God against demonic attacks.

“This is a cardinal principle of our faith as Charismatic Christians,” he said.

Archbishop Agyinasare emphasised “To drive home my point, I made reference to several instances where I have encountered manifestations of demonic powers in my crusades which have taken me to over 90 countries of the world.

“I gave an example of people who were seeking to levitate during a crusade in India. I gave an example of a demonic attack I suffered as a very young pastor who had gone to preach at a bus stop around Korle Bu.”

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According to him, “In reference to Nogokpo, I wish to clarify that I never intended to refer to the town but rather make reference to an incident that happened after a crusade at Aflao.”

The Archbishop stated that he “had absolutely no intention to cast a slur upon the people of the Nogokpo town and the Volta Region as a whole.”

He added, “I have had a very cordial relationship with the people of the Volta Region, and my wife of 38 years is, in fact, an Ewe from Keta. Two of my biological children bear Ewe names.”

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The man of God stated that none of these examples was intended to denigrate any of the towns and their people but rather to elucidate the principle of divine protection to congregants.

He said, “Any misrepresentation or misinformation that has characterised the subsequent commentary and reportage is unfortunate.

“My ministry over the past 40 years has been one that has spoken up at critical times in our nation as a spiritual gatekeeper and I remain committed to serving God’s people and our nation as the Spirit directs.”

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