Commuters enjoy 10% fare reduction from today

Commuters enjoy 10% fare reduction from today

Starting from today, Wednesday, May 17, 2023, commuters in Ghana will pay 10 percent less for public transport services.

The decision to lower the fares was made by the road transport operators, who cited the consistent drop in fuel prices as the reason.

The fare reduction applies to all types of public transport, including shared taxis, trotros (minibuses), long distance buses, and trucks.

The road transport operators issued a statement on Monday, May 15, 2023, saying that they have “reduced public transport fares by 10 percent to accommodate for the reduction in the price of petroleum products observed over the period”.

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They also urged all commercial transport operators to comply with the new fares and display them at their loading terminals.

They appealed to all operators, commuters, and the general public to cooperate for the successful implementation of the new fares.

They assured them that they will continue to work in their interest.

The statement came after the prices of petroleum products saw a marginal decline in the second pricing window of May 2023 due to the fall in crude oil prices on the international market and the relative stability of the Ghana cedi

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