ECOWAS Queen Mother: Culture and tradition are key to uniting Africa

ECOWAS Queen Mother Culture and tradition are key to uniting Africa

Nana Kyeremaa Abrafi-Koto, the queen mother of ECOWAS nationals living and working in Ivory Coast, has urged African leaders to make the unity of the continent their top priority.

She said that culture and tradition are powerful tools that can be used to foster unity, peace, stability and harmony among African countries.

She made this call at a durbar of chiefs and people to mark the end of this year’s ECOWAS FESTIVAL, also known as ‘FENA 2023’, on Sunday, May 28. The festival is a unique event that brings together nationals of the continent to celebrate their cultural diversity and promote African integration.

She said that many Pan-Africanists have been campaigning for African unity for over four decades, and that African governments should not compromise on this agenda.

“Africa needs to unite if we want to develop. And culture is the best way to inspire us to unite. That is why I commend the various African embassies in Ivory Coast for supporting this festival,” she said.

Nana Kyeremaa Abrafi-Koto, who became the ECOWAS queen mother in Ivory Coast through her social activities, also praised the government of President Alassane Dramane Ouattara for creating a conducive environment for foreigners to live and work in Ivory Coast.

The Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Ivory Coast, Kobenan Kouassi Adjoumani, who represented Prime Minister Patrick Jérôme Achi at the festival, lauded the queen mother for initiating the festival to showcase the potential of Africa.

He said that the government of Ivory Coast appreciates her efforts and will support her to continue playing a vital role in advancing Africa’s unity and progress.

He said that Prime Minister Patrick Jérôme Achi and President Alassane Dramane Ouattara are happy with the positive impact that Nana Kyeremaa Abrafi-Koto is making in Ivory Coast and Africa at large.

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