Mahama urges NDC to avoid NPP’s poor governance and corruption

Mahama urges NDC to avoid NPPs poor governance and corruption

The former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, has urged his fellow National Democratic Congress (NDC) members to avoid the poor governance and corruption that he claims are plaguing the current administration led by Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mahama, who spoke at the 44th anniversary of the June 4th uprising in Hohoe, said that the event was an opportunity to reflect on the state of democracy and the challenges facing the country.

He said that the NPP government has failed to deliver on its promises and has worsened the living conditions of Ghanaians. He called for a united NDC to prepare for the 2024 elections.

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“We must be ready to organize and spread our message of hope to every corner of our land. The dark days will soon be over and a new dawn is coming.

“And when that new dawn arrives, the rot in government, the economic hardships and the insensitivity to the people’s plight and the blatant corruption and waste of the people’s resources will be history.

“Do not let those who have made your lives miserable for these years deceive you with empty slogans and false populism. Do not let them confuse you that you must vote for them in 2024 because of your origin or family ties… In government, we must be different from what the NPP has been, we must set a new standard in governance so that Ghanaians will appreciate that we are not condemned as a people to live with this level of greed and impunity.”

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Meanwhile, the NDC Parliamentary candidate-elect in the Hohoe constituency, Worlanyo Tsekpo, has vowed to reclaim the Parliamentary seat that was lost in the 2020 elections.

Tsekpo, who also spoke at the anniversary celebrations, said that the people of Hohoe are angry with the lies and corruption of the NPP government and will vote for change in 2024.

“The uprising happened because of lies, and today it is worse than before, the uprising happened because of corruption, today people are praised and honoured for being corrupt in our beloved country.

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“We are ready to deliver the Hohoe seat back to the NDC. We are ready to make John Mahama, the next president of Ghana.”

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