Sonnie Badu intervenes in Bishop Agyin Asare/Nogokpo feud

Sonnie Badu intervenes in Bishop Agyin AsareNogokpo feud

UK-based Ghanaian gospel star, Sonnie Badu has joined the discussion about the controversy between Bishop Agyin Asare and the elders of Nogokpo, a town in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The singer, who is known for his hit songs like “Wonder God”, “Covenant Keeping God”, “My Confidence” and “Still You Reign”, took to Facebook on June 5 to urge Bishop Agyin Asare to build a school in Nogokpo as a gesture of peace.

The controversy started when Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare, the founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, referred to Nogokpo as the “demonic” headquarters of the Volta Region during a sermon.

The chiefs and residents of Nogokpo were offended by his remarks and gave him a 14-day ultimatum to engage in peace talks with them.

Archbishop Agyin Asare later clarified that he did not mean to disrespect any town or its people with his comments. He said he was only trying to teach his members about divine protection but his explanation did not satisfy the elders of Nogokpo.

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The issue has sparked a lot of debate on social media between Christians and traditionalists.

Sonnie Badu wrote, “ Dear Elders of #Nogokpo,

“I greet you in peace. Thank for receiving this message, as I will get straight the point. I am not a member of Perez dome and I haven’t spoken to Bishop in many years and he has not employed me to do this. However, i think this is going a bit too far ..

Bishop came back and explained into details (with wisdom), how the event transpired; and he went on to explain that his wife is from Volta and his kids bares Ewe names. This shows how much he loves and values the Volta region.

Sirs, in all honesty, I don’t think what Bishop described in his sermon was strange to any of us. The first time – I ever heard of your town, was when A media personality took to social media to let us know she took some people there for certain doings. However, that wasn’t a surprise as we know not to joke with Volta gods 😂

Sirs, again, what Bishop was explaining is not strange, because every town has witchcraft and sometimes when the principalities are agitated – they can cause mischief..

In this case, like the bursting of the tires .. It’s was more spiritual than physical which we understood..

With that being said, Sirs, I believe Bishop has done a lot of charitable work in the Volta region (and there has not been any press release on his philanthropy).

In conclusion, I think this is a perfect time for use to know more about your town and all the good things going on there… I come in love and one day I will like to visit nogokpo for a concert 🕊️..

And Dear Bishop,pops  I think I have an idea. Let’s build a school for the people of add to what they already have,  We know how the story will be told for years to come ….. The people were upset and so he built a school to show love 💜… Love you very much BISHOP… Agin Asare

We love Bishop Agin Asare .. He is a father worth emulating.. And we love the people of Nogokpo, you all are incredible..

LET PEACE, LOVE, and RESPECT reign.. I believe even the gods of #Nogokpo will agree with me … 💜💜💜

My Name is DR SONNIE BADU ….(sic)

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