Word Bank happy with Ghana’s use of $430m COVID-19 fund

Word Bank happy with Ghanas use of 430m COVID 19 fund

Pierre Frank Laporte, the Word Bank’s country director for Ghana, has stated that his organization is satisfied with how the government of Ghana utilized the over $430 million it provided to combat COVID-19.

He explained that the fund was not part of Ghana’s budget, but was managed by a project team comprising officials from both the Word Bank and the government of Ghana.

The team ensured that the fund was spent on its intended purposes and paid directly to contractors, he said in an interview with TV3.

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“We have mechanisms in place that ensure we know each and every dollar that is spent and accounted and we’ve done audits. Of course, there are always a few things here and there, procedure-wise, maybe some documentation that needs to be followed.

But largely speaking, we are very satisfied that all of our resources were spent in line with the procurement requirements that existed. You know, COVID-19 was implemented under emergency procurement measures by the bank,” he said.

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