YK Osiris apologizes after kissing Sukihana without consent

YK Osiris apologizes after kissing Sukihana without consent

Sukihana has received an apology from YK Osiris after he kissed her without her consent at an Atlanta event hosted by The Crew League over the weekend. The video of the incident went viral on Wednesday (June 14), sparking outrage and criticism from social media users who accused the singer of sexual assault.

The footage shows Osiris approaching Sukihana from behind and massaging her shoulders, making her visibly uneasy. He then tries to kiss her on the mouth, but she pulls away and shouts for help. Osiris ignores her rejection and grabs her by the face, forcing his lips on hers while people around them watch in shock. He then runs away laughing as if he found it funny, while Sukihana looks stunned.

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Sukihana, who is a rapper and a reality TV star on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, took to Twitter to express her pain and fear after the incident. She said she was hurt and scared to stand up for herself, and that she had been crying all day. She also said she wanted to go away for a while and asked God to strengthen her and use her to help others. She later deleted her tweets and her Twitter account.

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Sukihana did not know Osiris personally or professionally before the incident, which made his actions even more “disturbing.”

Osiris, whose real name is Osiris Williams, is a rapper and singer-songwriter from Florida who rose to fame with his 2019 hit Worth It. He released his debut album The Golden Child that same year.

He posted a public apology to Sukihana on his Instagram account on Wednesday (June 15), saying he “misread” the moment and “violated” Sukihana’s boundaries. He said he understood the importance of consent and was embarrassed by his behavior. He said he took full responsibility and had tried to apologize multiple times. He said he had the utmost admiration for Sukihana and never meant to disrespect her.

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Some celebrities have reacted to the incident, including Meek Mill, who defended Osiris and asked people not to judge him harshly for his “mistake.” He tweeted that Osiris was a good kid who deserved a slap and a chance to make up for it. He said he supported Sukihana but did not want young men to be torn down for mistakes in this “hyper sexual era.”

Amber Rose, who is a close friend of Sukihana, also commented on the incident, saying she was heartbroken for Sukihana and that she was sexually assaulted in front of everyone. She posted on her Instagram account that Sukihana’s lyrics and persona were not an excuse for Osiris to touch her and force her without consent. She asked what happened to “protect Black women” and said she cried watching the video.

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