Yvonne Nelson reveals former President Kufuor’s role in her fatherhood mystery

Former President Kufuors counsel to Yvonne Nelson on her fatherhood dilemma

Yvonne Nelson, a renowned actress, had a confusing and painful journey to find out who her real father was. She had grown up believing that Mr. Nelson was her biological father, only to discover later that he was not. She then learned that the late Peter Ala Adjetey, a former Speaker of Parliament and a prominent politician, was her true father.

She wanted to know more about him and his relationship with her mother, so she sought the help of former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who had worked closely with Mr. Ala Adjetey in various capacities. Mr. Kufuor had nominated him as the second Speaker of Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana, and they had also served as national chairman and presidential candidate of the NPP respectively.

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Yvonne Nelson narrates in her book how Mr. Kufuor confirmed her mother’s story and told her some of the traits that she inherited from Mr. Ala Adjetey, such as the strength of conviction. He also encouraged her to move on from her past and focus on building on her achievements. He praised her for not being a failure despite her father’s absence in her life.

He assured her of his support and friendship whenever she needed it. She left feeling happy or relieved, but it was short-lived.

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To her shock and dismay, she later found out through a DNA test that Mr. Ala Adjetey was not her father either.

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